How to integrate Shopify

Integration of your Shopify store will take approximately 10-15mins.

Step 1. Login to Sync Spider

Login to Sync Spider using the link supplied in the invitation sent across by Ingenious Gifts.

Step 2. Create an integration

Click on the ‘Integrations’ tab on the left side of the screen as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3. Search and select module

You will be able to see all the integrations offered by SyncSpider on your screen. Search and select the Shopify module.

Search is the easiest method to find the module:

Step 4. Name your integration

After selecting the Shopify app, enter the integration name as 1.0 Product Creation. You can add an optional description then click on the next button.

Step 5. Acquire an API key and API Password

Now, you need to acquire an API key and API Password ( API Secret Key). The next steps will help you to generate it.

To generate the API key, you would need to log in to your Shopify account. This API key has to be entered so that it facilitates the integration between Sync Spider and Shopify.

Step 6. Login to your Shopify

Log in to the Shopify account with the credentials.

Step 7. Create an APP for integration

Click on “Apps” -> “Develop Apps for your store”.

Step 8. Naming your APP

Then name your app and use your email as the App developer email and click on “Create app”. We suggest naming your app something like “Sync Spider for Ingenious Gifts”

Step 9. Configuring your APP

There are 2 parts to configuring the App:

  • Admin API integration
  • Storefront API integration

a) Admin API Integration

If you want to Export data from SyncSpider then check Write.

If you want to Import data from SyncSpider then check Read.

b) Storefront API integration

The same rule applies to Storefront API as they do to Admin API.

Step 10. API Credentials

To obtain your API Credentials, simply go to “API Credentials” and under API Key and API Secret key, you will find the needed credentials to copy and paste to Syncspider.

Step 11. Access Token

To obtain the Access token you will have to Install the App, to install it first you will have to give read and/or write access in Configuration then Install the app.

Click on “Install App” in the top right corner.

Then click on “Install”.

After you have installed it, you will gain the Access token under “API Credentials”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To protect your data, you’ll only be able to reveal your Admin API token once. Copy and save your Admin API access token in a secure place.

You can copy and paste Shop URL, Access Token, API key, and API password (API Secret Key) from the Shopify store to your SyncSpider account as shown below. Then, click save.

And the integration is successfully integrated.

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