Commission and fees

Our commission fees start at 12% of each sale total excluding postage costs. 3% off of this commission is donated to The Brain Tumour Charity and paid out on a monthly basis on or around 4th of each month. Below is a breakdown of commission fees across our 3 plans.

Basic (FREE)Standard PlanPro Crafter
Commission Fee12%0%0%
Donation Value3%3%3%

Once an order has been placed, commissions are split and the sellers earnings are paid directly into the connected Stripe account.

Our fees are completely separate to Stripe fees, for more information about Stripe fees, visit the link below

Stripe Fees & Pricing

NOTE: In the event of an order being placed on and account with no Stripe account connected, funds are directed into the administrators Stripe account (Ingenious Gifts) whereby payouts will require 7-10days processing time.

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