Offering free delivery

The benefits of free delivery for your shop

Free delivery isn’t actually free for you or the seller. Delivery charges still need to be paid in order to ship the items to your buyer.

However, by including the postage costs in your item prices, buyers know exactly what they need to pay, with no surprises when they come to place the order, in some cases, resulting in abandoned checkouts. Including the postage costs in your item means you don’t lose money on orders with free delivery.

Imagine that you sell a 45 GBP item, and you currently charge a 5 GBP flat rate delivery. One way to offer free delivery is to adjust the item price to £50 to recover your postage costs, and charging no separate delivery fee.

Current PricingPricing with FREE Delivery
Item list price45 GBP50 GBP
Postage price5 GBP0 GBP (FREE)
Total price for the buyer50 GBP50 GBP

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