Customise a Variable Product

Creating a Variable Product

Selecting Product Type – Variable Product

A variable product is a product that has different types of variants. For example, you might want to sell a handmade hat which is available in 3 different colors and sizes. So this option will enable you to add those colors and sizes you need. You can add variations based on anything you like, perhaps material used or the stitching style.

The following steps will guide you through creating your product variations:

  1. From the Product Edit screen, select Variable from the Product Type section.
  2. Scroll down to the Attribute and Variation
  3. Select Add Attribute. You will be presented with a dropdown section where you can start adding in your attributes. Attributes are where you can set up your Attribute name, for example, Colour, and the options available, such as “Blue”, “Red” etc.
  4. After adding in your Attributes and Value(s) select Visible on the product page and Used for variations. Both checkboxes.
  5. If your product has multiple attributes such as Colour and Size, then select Add attribute, repeat this process until you have all the options you need
  6. Once finished, select Save Attribute.
  7. After you have saved your attribute(s) its time to set up each variation. There are two ways you can set up your variations, you can set up each variation manually by clicking on the Go button in the variation section at the bottom. If you would like to automatically create all possible variations, select Create variations from all attributes from the bottom left dropdown and click Go.
  8. Add your variation information and uploaded an image for each variation (optional)
  9. Select Save Variation

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