Listing a Product

Listing a product comprises of two stages. The first stage requires just the bare minimum information for a simple product. From here, you can quickly add a simple product and save it for later, or continue with advanced options. Discover below the initial steps required to list a simple product.

Navigate to – Dashboard → Add a Gift

  • Add a product title (be sure to be descriptive but not too long)
  • Add a product short description, this appears directly underneath the price and reviews
  • Enter your regular price and sales price if applicable
  • Scheduling is optional and is perfect if you want to only offer the product until such a date
  • Select single or multiple categories
  • Add a product full description
  • Finally upload a product image, maximum of 6 per product

Once you have the minimum product information entered, you can either save the product and add another one, or continue to customise the product even further.

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