Coupons are applied to individual products or the items in the cart. Shipping Rates are not cart items so coupon discount will not be applied to shipping. e.g. A £50 coupon applied to a £40 product with a £10 Flat Rate shipping will only discount £40. The order will still cost £10.

Coupons are applied to the product price before tax is calculated. To make sure taxes are then calculated correctly due to rounding, we need to split the discount across all items in the cart rather than remove an amount from the total.

When you split a discount across the cart, naturally, half values could occur that in turn can cause rounding issues once everything is summed up.

To help prevent this, we only use penny values. Once split between items, any remainder is applied one line item at a time until exhausted. The final total will then total the applied discount total. This is most important for fixed cart discounts.

Yes, once registered and your account has been activated, you can start uploading and listing as many products as you like.

Yes, our plans are switchable at any time to suit your business needs.

If you downgrade from a plan, the difference will not be adjusted, differences are only adjusted when you purchase a more expensive plan.

Yes, our plans are switchable at any time to suit your business needs.

Suppose, you want to switch from Non-recurring to Recurring or any other package, then, you just pay the full amount of that package.

For example, if you switch from a Standard £7.99 monthly plan to an annual £49.99 Recurring plan then you will have to pay the full amount of £49.99 of that package. However, because you upgraded from the £7.99 package, the extra £42.00 will be adjusted on the next billing cycle.

Yes, holiday mode and temporary closures can be managed from the shop settings within your dashboard area.

From here, you can either instantly close your store, or select a date range in which you will be away, your customers will be notified of your return automatically.

All of our plans offer unlimited product listings with no listing fees.

Once a customer has placed an order, you will receive a detailed notification email to your store email address. From there you can process your order and update the customer on their order status using the following method and flow.

  • Processing
  • Dispatched
  • Completed

More details on managing orders can be found in the following topic:

Yes, you can manage and set up international shipping within your dashboard area. Advanced shipping can be managed for multiple shipping methods.

After you have finished setting up your product and are happy for it to be reviewed, you can notify the administrator by clicking on the “publish request” button at the top of the product edit screen.