Creating good product descriptions with keywords

There are two product descriptions available, a short description and a full description. The short description is a brief paragraph about your product. The full description area is where you can go into great depths and provide the customer with even more information.

In this topic you will discover examples on how to create good product descriptions and help improve your product content.

Short description

The short description is the first piece of content the customer will read, located underneath the pricing and reviews. Consider this area super important for capturing the customers attention, utilising keywords and providing any critical information. Even though this is a super important area, I would recommend keeping it between 30-40 words, which is plenty to work with.

Below is an example of a plain short description and one which utilises keywords.

Plain Short DescriptionShort Description Example
Ceramic mug made with speckled clay. Beautifully handmade ceramic mug, wheel thrown using speckled clay and finished off with a mediterranean style glaze. A perfect gift for any coffee lover.

In the example above, we have adjusted the short description and utilised some of the following keywords:

  • Handmade Ceramic Mug
  • Wheel Thrown
  • Perfect Gift
  • Coffee Lover

Full description

The full description is located in the tabbed area below your product summary. This area can include much longer and more detailed information. Try not to repeat content, keep it descriptive and easy to read.

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