Customising your product and advanced options

Navigate to – Dashboard → View All Gifts

  • From the product listing screen, select the product you would like to customise by locating the pencil edit icon Edit Pencil
    NOTE: ignore this step if you have just added a product and clicked on the ‘continue & customise’ button.

Below is a full list of customisable sections from the product edit screen:

Product Type

There are two different product types, a ‘Simple Product’ and a ‘Variable Product’. If your product has multiple options, select variable product.

Product Details

The product details section contains the Product Title, a Short Description and the products Full Description.

If you have filled this out on the previous ‘Add Product’ screen, you can skip this section or modify if required.


The pricing section contains the ‘Regular Price’, ‘Sale Price’ and product schedule options.

Categories & Tags

In this section you can modify and add multiple categories and product tags.

Additional Options

This sections contains additional options such as product vegan badges.

Product Images

Upload and manage your product images. Each product is restricted to 6 images per product.


From here you can manage the following stock options:

  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Stock Status
  • Stock Quantity
  • Low Stock Threshold
  • Allow Back Orders
  •  Allow only one quantity of this product to be bought in a single order


Product add-ons are perfect for personalised products. From this section you can manage an extensive array of customisable fields.


A section often missed or skipped, but an important one for search. From this section, you can choose your selected keyword for this product and manage your meta description for Google search. Make sure that your chosen keyword is used within your product title and any product descriptions.

Shipping and Tax

The shipping and tax section contains your product dimensions and any product specific shipping classes you would like to assign. If you are offering free delivery, select the free delivery shipping class to display a free delivery badge on your product page.

Product dimensions added will display in the additional information table underneath the product image.

Dispatch Options

To override your global processing time, select an option for this product only.

Attributes and Variations

One of the most important sections on a variable product is the Attributes and Variations section. From here you can manage your product attributes and variations, stock quantities per variation and much more.

Other Options

Product Status – Update and manage your product status, should you want to draft your product without removing it completely. Handy if you need to make some alterations to a live product but you don’t have time.

Visibility – Manage where on the site you would like your product to appear

Purchase Note – Enter a note that will display to the customer on their order confirmation email (optional)

Product Reviews – Enable of disable product reviews for this product

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