Setting Up a Product Add-On For Individual Products

Navigate to – Dashboard → View Products

  • Click on the edit pencil icon to edit the product you want to create add-ons for
  • Scroll down to the ‘Add-ons’ section
  • Select ‘Add Field’ button

Product Add-ons

Once you have clicked on the ‘Add Field’ button, the panel will expand and display an array of options for you to be able to customise your Add-on.

Product Add-on Panel Open

Edit those options to make an individual add-on for that particular product. Here is a break down of the option field types available.

Multiple choice

Shows a list of options the user can choose from. Display as drop downs, images, or radio buttons.

Customer-defined price

Shows a field where users can enter a numerical value that is added to the product price.


Shows a spinner where users can input a number.


Shows a checkbox or checkboxes that can be ticked/unticked by a customer.

Short text

There are five in-built types. This shows a text field where users can enter either any text; just letters; just numbers; both; or an email address only.

Long text

Shows a text field where users can write multiple lines of text (character limit possible).

File upload

Allows users to upload a file.


Add a heading between add-ons to group them into sections.

Other options include


Format the title as a Label or Heading, or hide it.

Add a description

Displays more information about the add-on underneath the heading.

Required field

Prevents product from being added to cart if an option is not selected.


Add a label for each option as well as a price if needed. Calculate the price as flat-free, Quantity based or Percentage Based. To remove an option row, click the button ‘X’.

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