Setting Up a Product Add-On For Individual Products

Navigate to – Dashboard → View Products

  • Click on the edit pencil icon to edit the product you want to create add-ons for
  • Scroll down to the ‘Add-ons’ section
  • Select ‘Add Field’ button

Once you have clicked on the ‘Add Field’ button, the panel will expand and display an array of options for you to be able to customise your Add-on.

Edit those options to make an individual add-on for that particular product. Here is a break down of the option field types available.

Multiple choice

Shows a list of options the user can choose from. Display as drop downs, images, or radio buttons.

Customer-defined price

Shows a field where users can enter a numerical value that is added to the product price.


Shows a spinner where users can input a number.


Shows a checkbox or checkboxes that can be ticked/unticked by a customer.

Short text

There are five in-built types. This shows a text field where users can enter either any text; just letters; just numbers; both; or an email address only.

Long text

Shows a text field where users can write multiple lines of text (character limit possible).

File upload

Allows users to upload a file.


Add a heading between add-ons to group them into sections.

Other options include


Format the title as a Label or Heading, or hide it.

Add a description

Displays more information about the add-on underneath the heading.

Required field

Prevents product from being added to cart if an option is not selected.


Add a label for each option as well as a price if needed. Calculate the price as flat-free, Quantity based or Percentage Based. To remove an option row, click the button ‘X’.

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